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Get To Know Your VIP Doctor, Islon Woolf MD

Updated: May 23, 2020

If you're considering making the move to concierge VIP medicine for your healthcare needs, it's important you pick a VIP doctor with whom you feel comfortable. As your VIP doctor, our first goal should be to get to know one another.

I was born in South Africa, and grew up in Toronto. After my undergraduate training at the University of Toronto, I was offered a scholarship at age 19 to begin studying at the University of Toronto's medical school, which is ranked #5 in the world. I graduated from medical school in 1993, and subsequently moved to the U.S. for postgraduate training. I started my postgraduate training with an internship at USC, and then went on to complete an internal medicine residency at the Mayo Clinic. In 1997, I completed my postgraduate training as chief resident at the Cleveland Clinic. I'm both a fellow of the American College of Physicians and board certified in internal medicine.

I have been practicing Internal Medicine in Miami Beach for twenty-five years. In that time, my goal has been to create the optimal practice for patients. I learned very quickly the standard Internal Medicine model, a fifteen minute office visit, did not afford me with enough time to get to know my patients, properly care for them, and solve their problems. As a solution, I was one of the first doctors in the city to adopt the Concierge Medicine model. Simply put, my patients subsidize my concierge medicine practice with an annual fee to ensure I spend more time with fewer patients.

This simple model frees me from the constraints of time, insurance, and conflicts of interest. Properly applied, a Concierge Medicine practice can have many advantages over a traditional medical practice. For instance, as a VIP doctor, I can provide the best continuity of care - the proper coordination, documentation, and followthrough of your care. Conintuity of care also entails the continuity of relationship. The same doctor over time - the same doctor from phone call to phone call, visit to visit, and year to year. With time I begins to accumulate knowledge about you - your values, your passions, and your fears; knowledge difficult to record in a chart, yet key to making good medical decisions.

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If you're searching for a VIP medicine doctor, it would be my pleasure to talk with you about whether my concierge medicine services are a good fit for your needs.

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