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Advantages of Concierge Medicine

I have been practicing Internal Medicine in Miami Beach for twenty-five years. In that time, my goal has been to create the optimal practice for patients. I learned very quickly that the traditional practice model, a fifteen minute office visit, did not afford me with enough time to get to know my patients, properly care for them, and solve their problems.


As a solution, I was one of the first doctors in the city to adopt the Concierge Medicine model. Simply put, my patients subsidize my practice with an annual fee to ensure I spend more time with fewer patients. My practice is limited to three hundred patients; and I typically see only two to four patients per day. This simple model frees me from the constraints of time, insurance, and conflicts of interest. Properly applied, the Concierge Medicine model has many advantages over the traditional practice model. See the advantages below and feel free to click on one for a full description.

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